Se ha producido un error al procesar la plantilla.
The following has evaluated to null or missing:
==> DocumentosYMultimedia  [in template "119889#119928#101410" at line 5, column 38]

Tip: If the failing expression is known to legally refer to something that's sometimes null or missing, either specify a default value like myOptionalVar!myDefault, or use <#if myOptionalVar??>when-present<#else>when-missing</#if>. (These only cover the last step of the expression; to cover the whole expression, use parenthesis: (!myDefault, (

FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related):
	- Failed at: ${DocumentosYMultimedia.getData()}  [in template "119889#119928#101410" at line 5, column 36]
1<div class="container"> 
2            <div class="row"> 
3                <div class="col-12"> 
4<div class="zw-img-internas img-fluid"> 
5                         <img src="${DocumentosYMultimedia.getData()}"> 
7                </div> 
8            </div> 
9 </div>