Good Governance Code

ALMAVIVA and its affiliates make the Company’s Good Governance Code available for the public, complying with what is stipulated by Colombia’s Securities Statute (decree 2555 of 2010) and other corresponding legal regulations.

The Good Governance Code connects a set of internal standards and bodies which direct, define and control the management of the company, especially those regarding relations between stockholders and administrators, relations between majority and minority stockholders, and relations between the company and interest groups. These are based on the company’s corporate values: Compliance with law and ethics, the development of human capital, honesty and integrity, and contribution to Society; and also, with Conduct Guiding Principles: due diligence, fairness and good faith, compliance with regulations regarding the delivery of correct, timely and confidential information, as well as preventing money laundering.

If you would like to see it, we invite you to download the attached file here


Corporate Governance

Relationship with the stockholder

Almaviva reports that it has issued 3,802,825 ordinary stocks, which give the stockholder the rights that are mentioned in the Code of Commerce and company charters.
Consequently, in order to express your opinions or ask questions or make suggestions about the development of the company or those associated with it or the stockholders, Almaviva S.A. has made available a permanent and exclusive direct access channel for stockholders by using the email

View the Institutional Relations Frame of Reference here

Code of Ethics

ALMAVIVA's Code of Ethics contains the values and policies adopted by the General Shareholders' Meeting to ensure that the behavior of the company and its employees always adhere to the best ethical standards. The rules set forth in this Code are mandatory for all employees of ALMAVIVA and its subsidiaries. To consult the code of ethics download the file here

Information for the Stockholder’s Meeting

ALMAVIVA S.A. makes the following information available to stockholders for holding Meetings,
Instructions for those representing Stockholders at General Assembly meetings here

Fiscal Inspector Certification 2020

In this section Almaviva S.A. reveals the total amount of the contract with the Fiscal Inspector as well as the proportion represented by the fees paid by the company compared to the total income of the firm related to its statutory audit activity.


We invite you to consult the attached file   here