Financial Consumer Ombudsman

The Financial Consumer Ombudsman is an autonomous and independent institution, focusing on the special protection of Almaviva’s financial consumers.

“The financial Consumer Ombudsman is an autonomous and independent institution, focusing on the special protection of Almaviva’s financial consumers. The Financial Consumer Ombudsman will learn and give his opinion objectively, independently, and free of charge about the claims that had been the jurisdiction of the Finance Superintendence and those filed by customers, relating to possible non-compliance by Almaviva while developing or executing the services in our portfolio. To file a claim before the Ombudsman, you must keep in mind that there are cases that will not be handled by him and that a specific procedure must be followed, which we have detailed here. It is worth noting that Almaviva continues to handle claims and requests directly through our domestic offices, our sales force, or in our internet page, or directly by email at:, ensuring that you get a timely and quick response to them.

How can I get in touch with the Financial Consumer Ombudsman?
If you want to get in touch with Almaviva’s Financial Consumer Ombudsman, the contact information is:

  • Main Ombudsman: Dr. Alvaro Julio Rodríguez Pérez
  • Alternate Ombudsman: Dr. Alejandro Andrés Gómez Montoya.

Address: Calle 36 # 7-47 4th Floor, Bogota D.C.
Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.30pm.
PBX: 332-0101
Fax: 332-4642
Cell: 318-373 0077

  • To serve Almaviva’s financial consumers timely and effectively.
  • To act as an intermediary between financial consumers and Almaviva under the terms stipulated in Law 640 of 2001, its rules, or the regulations that modify or substitute it.
  • To know and objectively resolve, free of charge, the claims filed by financial consumers within the established terms and procedures that relate to possible non-fulfilment by Almaviva of legal, contractual regulations, or internal procedures that govern the execution of the services and products it offers and provides, or regarding their quality. A claim or complaint will be understood as an expression of dissatisfaction made by a financial consumer regarding a product or service received, offered or provided by Almaviva.
  • To be the spokesperson of the financial consumers before Almaviva.
  • To make recommendations to Almaviva regarding services and care of the financial consumer and, in general, relevant activities in their area of business.
  • Others included in circular 029 of 2014 from the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (Colombia’s Financial Superintendence), and other regulations that are added or modify it.

The following matters will be excepted from the expertise and process of the Financial Consumer Ombudsman:

  • Those that don’t correspond or are not directly related to the normal course of Almaviva’s authorized operations.
  • Those pertaining to the employment relationship between Almaviva, its subsidiaries, and its employees, or regarding its contractors.
  • Those that arise as a shareholder of the entities.
  • Those relating to the validation of pension and disability benefits, retirement and survivor’s benefits, except in the areas related to service quality and the process to validate them.
  • Those that relate to matters that are in a legal or arbitration process or that have been resolved through these channels.
  • Those that relate to a decision about providing a service or product.
  • Those that refer to events that happened three (3) or more years prior to the date the request was filed before the Ombudsman.
  • Those that have the same purpose for the same events and affect the same parts, when they have been the subject of a previous decision of the Ombudsman.
  • Those that the amount, when all items are added, surpass one hundred (100) minimum current legal salaries at the time it is filed.
  • Others that are defined by the National Government.
  • The financial consumer must file their claim or complaint before the Financial Consumer Ombudsman, using a document in which they must include all personal information and contact information, a description of the facts and concrete contentions of their claim or complaint. This document must be directly submitted before the Financial Consumer Ombudsman, or it can be presented at the offices of Almaviva.

  • The Financial Consumer Ombudsman will decide if the matter submitted is under his jurisdiction or not. Said decision must be notified to the financial consumer and to Almaviva within three (3) business days, starting from the day after the request was received.

  • If the Financial Consumer Ombudsman believes that he needs more information from Almaviva or the financial consumer to analyze the request, he will notify them of this situation, using any verifiable means to gather the necessary information. Once the requested information is received, the Financial Consumer Ombudsman will be able to decide on the acceptance or denial, within a maximum period of three (3) business days.

  • It will be understood that if the financial consumer doesn't reply within the period set by the Ombudsman, the claim or complaint has been dropped. The aforementioned is without prejudice for the financial consumer to be able to file his claim or complaint later with the complete information, which will be understood as filed for the first time.

  • Once the claim or complaint has been accepted, the Financial Consumer Ombudsman will transfer it to Almaviva in order to gather information and present the arguments that substantiate its position.

  • Almaviva must give a complete, clear and sufficient answer, stating acceptance or denial of the mandatory nature of the decision by the Financial Consumer Ombudsman, in the event it is not favorable. The response must be sent to the Financial Consumer Ombudsman within a period of eight (8) business days, starting from the day after the transfer has been made, a period that can be extended by request by Almaviva and to the judgement of the Financial Consumer Ombudsman. In the latter case, Almaviva must notify the financial consumer of the reasons that support the extension.

  • The Financial Consumer Ombudsman must evaluate the information given and resolve the claim or complaint in a reasoned, clear and comprehensive manner. Said decision must be notified to the financial consumer and to Almaviva on the business day after it has been handed down.

  • The financial consumer will be able to drop his claim or complaint at any time during the process by sending a document to the Financial Consumer Ombudsman.

The financial Consumer Ombudsman is an autonomous and independent institution, focusing on the special protection of Almaviva’s financial consumers. If you need information relating to Law 1328 of 2009 or to the Superintendencia Financiera, click on