Transporte Nacional

We work to give you specialized ground merchandise transport solutions through Almaviva Global Cargo, our affiliate that operates at a local, domestic and international level, which has modern infrastructure and a human team ready to efficiently fulfill your product delivery requirements.

We have routes, consolidations and deliveries for the most important regions in the country, guaranteeing the level of service.

We have first level security protocols and tracking processes that ensure the information regarding the status of our customers’ cargo.

  • Planning and optimization of transport
  • Efficient selection of the type of vehicle according to the transport requirement
  • On-hand and real-time information for tracking merchandise (SIT)
  • Reports, costs simulation and shipping times Management
  • Dry cargo transport in various forms: ITR, OTM, and Massive
  • First level security protocols and tracing processes that guarantee the information for the status of our customers’ cargo
  • Domestic Coverage
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