Quality Systems

Almaviva S.A. has set up a “quality management system” as an administrative and operational management tool, according to ISO 9001 version 2008 requirements.

The implementation, maintenance and improvement of quality management systems ensures Almaviva control over and improvement of each of its administrative and operational processes, according to those stated in the regulation, giving it a world class level of expertise.

By using a quality system based on ISO 9001:2008, Almaviva S.A. ensures compliance with the requirements established to provide its customs brokerage services, warehousing and distribution of physical goods, offering its customers needed trust in the services provided.

Almaviva S.A.’s quality management system includes requirements demanded by other models, international as well as those from specific customers. Said models are: Good Manufacturing Practices (requested by Invima and ICA), requirements from BASC regulations, QOS (Quality Operational System) regulations, and MS-9000 (Material Supplier) from Ford Motor Company. This integration of requirements provides greater coverage and serviceability to Almaviva’s Quality management System.

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