We are Almaviva S.A., a logistics integrator with over 81 years of experience as a logistics operator, with a complete portfolio of services and logistics infrastructure that allows us to provide solutions that adapt to your needs. We have coverage in 26 cities around the country, covering maritime ports, border cities, and the main industrial and commercial centers in the country. We have 33 Distribution Centers, 8 offices with Customs Brokerage operations, 2 free trade zones, 1 International Logistics Support Warehouse and 14 customs warehouses available for you. In addition, because we are a subsidiary of Banco de Bogota, a conglomerate leader in the financial sector, this ensures backing and, at the same time, an excellent complement to the service portfolio.


Leaders in secure logistics solutions, agile and competent to bring the customer's product closer to demand, allowing the strategic development of your company.


We will be the most recognized alied in integrad logistics, efficent and flexible.


  • SIMPLICITY: We carry out our processes and daily operations in a practical, agile and efficient manner, focused on the expected result.
  • INTEGRITY: We demand and promote ethical behaviors, emphasizing honesty in each of the actions of our collaborators and allies.
  • RESPECT: We create a harmonious work environment with our employees and allies, having behaviors of good treatment, attention and recognition.
  • SEGURITY: We provide control and monitoring schemes for operations, trying to shield processes to ensure service compliance.
  • SERVICES EXPIRIENCE: We generate through our actions moments of truth that really satisfy the needs of our clients.
  • SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: We create quality employment for our employees and contribute to the well-being of our allies. Through our quality practices we also contribute to the sustainability of the environment.


  • EMPOWEMENT: We respect the rules, regulations and processes, carrying out our activities with the expected efficiency and taking care of the organization's resources.
  • DISCIPLINE: We respect corporate governance and control policies and we contribute from our role to the effective functioning of the organization.
  • AUTHORITY: We develop in each collaborator the confidence and potential to assume their responsibilities, make their decisions and learn from their mistakes.


  • Our people
  • Our operation
  • Our customers
  • Our administration
  • Our shareholder