We have more than 350 trucks in our branded fleet and 10 vehicles of our own, with schemes designed for the optimization of route networks, consolidations and deliveries with at local, metropolitan and urban levels.

You have complete visibility and permanent control of your supply chain during the execution of transport processes with our Tracking platform.

  • Cost reduction and effectiveness in delivery
  • Vehicle monitoring and service rating
  • Better control of the operation and cargo consolidation
  • We are known for fulfilling deliveries according to customer frequencies; our service indicator has an effectiveness rate of 98% in complete and on-time deliveries.
  • We deliver for the following distribution channels: Superstores, minimarts, convenience stores, institutional and Store to Store
  • Our distribution operation is sub-massive and parcels - local and urban
  • Online tracking of order status, which enables complete delivery tracing.
  • Domestic coverage for the delivery of your orders
  • Transit security schemes.
  • Bogota - Regional, domestic and local coverage

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